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StreamingMedia的团队.com and Help Me Stream 研究 Foundation are getting a jump on spring by releasing the Spring 2024 edition of the State of Streaming survey. 这项调查是我们每年两次对整个流媒体行业的调查. Take the survey today and help us understand just how the streaming landscape has shifted in the past six months.


A new study from Hub Entertainment 研究 reveals that viewers are still chasing shows rather than specific streaming brands, which poses challenges for programming providers looking to create a consistent brand identity across various platforms. James Lauzun of MagellanTV and Tom Hurlbutt of Crunchyroll also weighed in on this issue during a recent 流媒体连接2024 session.


Read Part Three of our recap of Evan Shapiro's Q4 keynote earnings analysis from 流媒体连接2024, 在那里,他揭开了大M&像索尼、任天堂、迪士尼、Meta和更多的这样的电子行业玩家.

Evan Shapiro Reveals the Q4 Realities for Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, and 更多的

随着第四季度财报电话会议为2023年划上句号,M&E industry cartographer Evan Shapiro pulls no punches in this real-time response, 深入挖掘数据,让政治顾问们负起责任, giving 流媒体 Connect attendees an unvarnished view of the industry that they won't get anywhere else. Read Part Two of our recap of Shapiro's Q4 keynote earnings analysis from 流媒体连接2024.

MWC24: 5G滞后,6G和量子等待

Even while telco operators are scarred by their experience rolling out and paying for 5G, 人们的注意力转向了它的继任者6G, 哪个将从2030年开始被采用.

位置 Announces Strategic Local 视频广告 Partnership with Warner Bros. 发现

位置, 业界卓越的本地视频解决方案提供商, today announced a strategic local video advertising partnership with Warner Bros. 发现. 局部性可以接触华纳兄弟. 探索的品牌和平台的全面组合到2024年, 包括TNT体育, CNN and a rich selection of award-winning series and movies on Max and discovery+.


Major media and entertainment companies' quarterly earnings calls ought to pull back the curtain on what's really happening in the industry, 但他们通常会把不讨人喜欢的数据隐藏在专家的说辞中, and the press on hand rarely asks questions tough enough to draw out the real story. 随着第四季度财报电话会议为2023年划上句号,M&E industry cartographer Evan Shapiro pulls no punches in this real-time response, 深入挖掘数据,让政治顾问们负起责任, giving 流媒体 Connect attendees an unvarnished view of the industry that they won't get anywhere else.


XR technology is forecast to rocket from a market value of $55 billion in 2023 to $490 billion by 2030, 它既承载着希望,也承载着谜题. 虽然企业对企业使用XR已经站稳脚跟, 消费者应用程序未能摆脱炒作的影响.


在世界移动通信大会上,人工智能是未来的热门话题, operators debated how to recoup money from the millions of dollars poured into 5G networks, 不断加强监管, 更广泛的合作, 并承诺不会重蹈5G的覆辙.


流媒体于2月19日至22日举行了第13届Connect虚拟会议, 2024, 由媒体行业制图师埃文·夏皮罗担任主持人和主持人. 夏皮罗以充满活力的主题演讲拉开了会议的序幕, digging deep into the Q4 earnings call data to hold the spin doctors accountable and giving an unvarnished view of the industry. 其他亮点还包括迪士尼的达纳·麦格劳的主题演讲, 迪士尼广告, Understanding Audiences: How Disney Advertising Leverages Data Science and Insights to Empower Advertisers, 另外还有几个小组讨论了应用流媒体UX设计等主题, 规模化CTV广告, 衡量FAST的成功, 和人工智能.

富宝起诉华特迪士尼公司和福克斯公司.华纳兄弟. 反垄断实践的发现和附属机构

富博对华特迪士尼公司、福克斯公司提起反垄断诉讼.华纳兄弟. 发现公司. 以及他们的附属机构, alleging that the vertically-integrated media companies have engaged in a years-long campaign to block Fubo's innovative sports-first streaming business resulting in significant harm to both Fubo and consumers. The complaint alleges that the forthcoming launch of a sports-streaming joint venture steals Fubo's playbook and is the latest example of this campaign.


里程碑式研究5,000名美国订户显示了广告的影响, 捆绑销售, 以及对美国订阅经济的密码共享打击

For Loss-Making Paramount+ and Peacock, a Merger Makes Sense—but not Necessarily with Each Other

在追求华纳兄弟之后. 发现和AppleTV, Paramount is now eyeing up Comcast for a potential union of its streamer Paramount+, 在孔雀的例子中. Or it could be the other way around: Paramount Global has some hot properties making it attractive to rival streamers in a bid to compete better with Disney and Netflix.


NDI runs the risk of fumbling the ball on the 20-yard line—squandering the nearly decade lead they have in IP video by not enforcing that licensees integrate all of the standard. I write this in the hope that they re-establish what the NDI standard means: that to license NDI, 并显示NDI徽章, 产品必须100%兼容.

ESPN/狐狸。/WBD Mega-Bundle和体育直播的拉斯维加斯化

在超级碗周,当人们对美国的体育感兴趣时.S couldn't be higher--and when the clash between the Chiefs and the 49ers is likely the biggest single-game betting event in US history--old media titans Disney, 狐狸。, 和WarnerBros. 发现号正在掷最后一次骰子.


A new report from CX platform DISQO examines in detail how consumers are currently feeling about ad-supported streaming tiers. Their findings offer an insightful backdrop for the unexpected growth of Netflix subscriptions in tandem with Amazon Prime's limited advertising launch. 大卫Grabert, DISQO品牌与传播副总裁, answers questions by 流媒体's Tyler Nesler about the specifics of the report and what it says about today's competitive CTV advertising market.

如何优化家庭共同观看,建立动态伙伴关系, & 知道什么时候使用IO或编程

What are some of the best approaches for advertising strategies that incorporate both direct and programmatic partnerships, and how can advertisers looking to expand their reach best optimize the rising trend of co-viewing experiences? 詹妮弗·达利山德罗, Future Today的广告销售和营销主管, 领先的CTV货币化解决方案提供商, provided some key insights into these current trends in the streaming marketplace.

CES 2024最佳产品



超过260人,000 global technology-sector employees were laid off in 2023 from 1186 companies, 约100,比2022年增加了1000人. 最近的是亚马逊, which has announced job cuts in Prime Video and MGM Studios divisions together with 500 staff, 总数的三分之一, 来自游戏平台Twitch. 

Progress Towards Giving the Gift of Streaming: Help Me Stream’s 2023 研究 Highlights

Year full of research preps significant 2024 acceleration to give "the gift of streaming" globally